What Your Bed and Breakfast Website Should Have

If you are thinking of setting up a bed and breakfast (B&B), or you already have one, but you are struggling to find a significant customer base, you should think about working on your website. In this digital age, people who are looking for accommodation are likely to opt for an online search. This means that you should work on your website and consider it to be an introduction to your establishment to the public. Some of the things you should have on your website are as follows.

Virtual Tours

There have been many technology trends in the hotel industry, and one of them is using virtual tours to give your potential customers a view of what to expect when they check into your bed and breakfast. Contract a specialist who can do for you a 360-virtual tour while focusing on some of the interesting things you have in your facility.

Contact Details and Booking Options

The biggest mistake you can make is not having a clear section that shows how people can contact you. If someone sees your B&B and decided to make an inquiry or booking, they should have clear instructions on how to go about it. Your email address, phone numbers, contact form and all the information on how they can find you should be available on the site. You can do research to find out how

other websites do it.

Well Thought Out “About Us” Page

People will want to know you and understand some of the principles that define you. Tell them something unique about you and why you think they will have a better stay at your establishment. Something as simple as telling them how you believe excellent accommodation should be homely can draw many people in. Of course, it only works if you walk the walk by having rooms with beautiful paintings, such as the ones you can buy at Familywalls.co.uk or antique shops.


It is easier to convince your customers that they will have a good stay at your B&B if you can show them the testimonials of other people sharing their experiences. It would be best if you did research on what makes good testimonials and how they help your page. Make sure that the testimonials are factual and you are not manipulating the truth.

Great Content

The importance of great content cannot be overemphasised. Having great content is what sets you apart from other bed and breakfast websites. It must be written in a professional language. The grammar and spelling should be correct so that you sound professional. It would help if you also keep updating your content so that you get more visitors, as this keeps you ranked high in the search engine ratings. It would be best if you also used social media pages as platforms to write content for your website.