Things to Know About Countryside B&Bs

In many small villages and hamlets across the UK, particularly in very rural areas, bed and breakfast accommodation will be your only choice. It will be some time before any major chain builds one of their mega hotels in the heart of Lancashire, and it is unlikely that they would get permission to do so anyway. This can mean that even if you are the sort of hotel junkie who loves the consistency of a major international brand, you’re going to end up staying in a B&B when you make a visit to the British countryside; unless you decide that you would prefer to sleep in the road.

Countryside B&Bs are a little bit different from their counterparts in the cities and towns of the UK. For one thing, you’ll generally find that you have more space. The quality range tends to be different as well. You will come across everything from a country house hotel style accommodation which could easily compete (and in many cases, does) with some of the world’s finest five-star hotels, or simpler options where you will still be sharing communal washing facilities. In general, each of these options will be priced appropriately and, so long as you do a little bit of research on a website such as Trip Advisor before you make a booking, there shouldn’t be any risk of you ending up with a nasty surprise.

There are two other aspects which you should be sure to check before you choose your B&B. The first is the time at which you will be able to check into your accommodation. These generally are not as flexible as they might be in a more prominent city hotel, and it may not be possible to arrive very late at night. If you’re in doubt about what the policy is, and you’re planning to arrive after around 8 o’clock in the evening, it’s worth making a phone call to the B&B to check.

The second thing to find out is where precisely the B&B you are considering is located, and what’s available within walking distance. Keep in mind that drink drive limits in the UK, especially in Scotland, are very strict, and that you may have difficulty finding a taxi late at night in some of the more rural areas of the country. Consequently, if you’re booking a B&B that’s a long way from the nearest town or village, be sure to think about where you will eat and drink that night, and how you expect to make it home afterwards.

If you think about all these things in advance, you’re much more likely to have a great time and make the most of your trip.