Where are UK B&Bs Located?

Bed and breakfast options in the UK tend to fall into a few broad categories. First of all, are the countryside properties which have been renovated, offer excellent facilities and appear in prestigious guides online, and in print. The second are those located in cities; quality can vary a lot here, and we’d highly recommend that you read at least a few online reviews from different sources before you commit to one place.

The third is a more traditional type of countryside B&B accommodation. Again, standards here do vary, although they tend to be a little bit higher than you would find in cities. The critical thing to be aware of here is the actual location of your chosen B&B as many of them can be quite some distance from the place which they are actually designed to serve. However, this may not be a problem for you, so don’t rule a place out just because of the distance.

In short, there are a considerable variety of B&B options available to you, and there’s almost sure to be something that’s just right. A little bit of research will go a long way!