Facilities in a Countryside B&B

The quality of many bed and breakfast accommodation options in the countryside has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. This isn’t only true when it comes to what you’ll find in your room, but applies to communal facilities as well. Swimming pools, saunas and spas, games room and even horse riding stables are among the things which you’ll find in some of the UK’s most outstanding countryside B&B accommodation options. If you’re looking for luxury, there’s no need to restrict your accommodation search to places that describe themselves as hotels anymore.

In fact, the choice can be so overwhelming, that it’s generally best to decide what’s important to you before you start your search for luxury accommodation. There is no point in paying any extra money for a swimming pool, or access to a golf course, which you just won’t use during your stay. Make a list of three or four things that you would really like your B&B to have and, crucially, wouldn’t mind paying a little bit extra for, and you’re far more likely to find something that’s right.

Once you’ve found a

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