B&B Information for Glasgow

Glasgow is known as the largest city in Scotland and is well known for being a hub of cultural activity. Much of this has traditionally been located in the West End of the city, where you will find Glasgow University and an excellent selection of B&Bs in large converted houses close to the Great Western Road. If you are going to be staying here then, as in many UK cities, taking public transport into consideration is vital. The Glasgow bus network is not as strong as Edinburgh’s, and while there is an excellent train network which partially makes up for this, it does not operate late into the evenings, which could leave you relying on fairly expensive taxi services in a pinch. As with most other cities in the UK outside London, you’ll need to plan any journey that takes place outside of daytime hours in advance, to make sure that you don’t get caught out. Book taxis in advance if you will be going out on a Friday or Saturday night, as demand often outstrips supply, even in the city centre, and the cost of apps like Uber can often skyrocket.