B&B Options in Edinburgh

The Scottish capital is a very popular choice for tourists from all over the UK and beyond. Consequently, the demand for accommodation in Edinburgh is very high, and prices can skyrocket even outside of the main tourist seasons of the Edinburgh Festival and Hogmanay. This means that staying in B&B accommodation in a suburban area of the city can be a great value option if you want to save the pennies when you’re in Edinburgh.

The main thing to undoubtedly be aware of is how you will get to and from the place you are staying. The new tram network serves west Edinburgh well but doesn’t go directly past the zoo, and other areas where many of the old houses which have been converted into B&Bs are. For those, you will need to rely on the Lothian Bus service. Thankfully, the network is dense and relatively reliable by UK standards, although traffic can be a problem. There is also a night bus network that operates to a different timetable and route network, so make sure to check transport arrangements in advance, if you’re planning to burn the midnight oil.