B&Bs in Suburban London; the Best Areas

Hotel accommodation in central London can be costly, particularly in peak season. For this reason, the idea of staying in a boutique B&B in one of London’s leafy suburban areas such as Greenwich or Richmond can be very appealing. If you manage to find a good place, it can be a great decision, but it’s worth doing a bit of reading and research in advance so that you can be confident you’re making the right choice.

The first thing you can check is the area which you’ll be staying in. If you’re worried about safety, then the British police crime map service is an excellent place to start. Don’t worry too much about particular crimes, the general pattern is what is really important here. Secondly, take a quick look at the public transport options that you will use to get from your B&B to the attractions that you want to see, and keep in mind how much it will cost you to travel each day. There is no point in saving money on your accommodation, and then spending it all on travel tickets every day (travel in London is expensive by European standards).

Finally, take a look at what is actually in the area around your B&B. Many of London’s suburbs have great quality restaurants and bars, fun theatres and exciting things to do, so avoid seeing them as simple dormitories and make them a big part of your trip! It’s a great way to see and get to know the London that people actually live in, and can be easily paired with the attractions that you want to tick off your list.