How to Promote a Bed and Breakfast Business

There has been a growing competition among bed and breakfast owners as more of such establishments keep mushrooming in the UK and worldwide. Owners have been grappling with how to make sure they are catching the eyes of potential clients. The trick is to develop marketing strategies that will make your bed and breakfast stand out.

Getting the Strategies Right

  • Have a unique selling point: Ask yourself what it is about your bed and breakfast that makes it unique. Is it the location? Could it be the food you serve? Maybe it is the customer service and the good reviews you have received over the years. Capitalise on your unique selling point and emphasise it whenever you are promoting your business.
  • Use social media: Do not make the mistake of ignoring the value of social media for business and how you can use it to catch the attention of potential customers. Try different platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also use the paid promotion tools that social media sites allow.
  • Have discounts and loyalty gifts: Customers feel appreciated when you reward their loyalty for visiting the bed and breakfast regularly. You should also give discounts to motivate people to book into the bed and breakfast. Ensure that you have highlighted the deals on your website and social media sites so that more people know about them.
  • Hire marketing experts: Doing promotion while trying to run the bed and breakfast can be overwhelming for owners. It is advisable to hire professionals and let them do the advertising and marketing. They will help you develop unique strategies that will promote the business.

Always remember that the core values of running a bed and breakfast business such as having good customer care, maintaining hygiene and keeping up with the trends still play a significant role in attracting customers.