Airbnb Revolutionising Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

If you are a regular traveller, then bed and breakfast must be a common phrase within your conversations. Travellers are always looking for a convenient place to put up for a night or two, as they get on their way or do some sightseeing. Aesthetics are usually not part of their immediate needs; instead, they want a place where they can get some good rest, and at least a meal to set them out on their day.

This is the concept that led to the birth of bed & breakfasts. These are small lodgings that offer guests a place to sleep for the night, before starting out their day with an excellent breakfast. Often referred to as BnBs, these establishments are usually inexpensive and have their owners living within the premises. And, like every other realm of society, bed and breakfasts have felt the effect of advancing technology.


Airbnb is the most popular modern way for people to offer bed and breakfast accommodation. It is a worldwide service that allows premises owners to list their facilities on a website where they can be seen by travellers seeking accommodation. People label the services offered alongside pictures of their houses on their Airbnb profile alongside the cost.

A traveller visiting the region may pick an apartment from the site, in which the owner is notified by the company to begin making arrangements. The traveller pays through the Airbnb website, which then deducts a service fee, before remitting the residual amount to the homeowner.

Since most Airbnb apartments are usually personal homes, it is essential that guests know where they can get medical help in case the need arises. If you are a traveller in a new area, there is no need to fret; you can find such assistance here at any time of the day or night. Livi is a General Practitioner service that can be accessed via a mobile app at any time from any place.

The service is made possible through the coordination of doctors and software providers, to help people who may not have direct and fast access to a doctor.

Internet connection has become a significant selling point for houses listed on Airbnb. For reasons like the one stated above, people want to reside in a place where they are connected to the world. The company itself requires members to declare whether they have an internet connection in their home when registering.

In the modern age of service provision, it is no longer enough to have a bed and breakfast advertised locally. Taking advantage of emerging trends like Airbnb listings can go a long way in improving customer reach. The tool is also great for travellers looking to make advance plans before embarking on a trip.